Dana Decker is a songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA.  Dana became involved with writing music for liberal
faiths when he began attending the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society (SUUS) in October of 2005.  After finding the U.U. faith a welcoming spiritual home he began working with the Soulful Sunday committee to bring contemporary worship to SUUS.  The committee began a very successful Sunday morning worship service called Soulful Sunday and have been bringing this up-beat, exciting worship to SUUS bi-monthly for almost two years.  Dana has used this outlet to begin writing his own original contemporary worship music for liberal denominations.  His writing brings his own love for contemporary secular music to liberal faiths with songs written in the pop, rock, funk vernacular.  Dana and the Soulful Sunday team have performed at the first ever Contemporary Worship Conference in San Diego, CA; PSWD District Assembly in Riverside, CA; and the 2007 General Assembly in Portland, OR.  As of last year Dana has been working to not only bring his music to the wider UU community, but to other liberal religious denominations as well.  WHEN WE SING documents Dana's exploration of exciting new possibilities for liberal religious music.




Dana Decker - Composer

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